Bagaj is a cloud based locker service providing B2B and B2C storage and last mile delivery solutions in any possible occasion where needed. Sizes and materials of the lockers are tailor made as per the location. With the know-how and R&D of 5 years, due to their encrypted locks, lockers can be placed at any shape and size to anywhere in the world because they do not need an electricity or data connection to perform the duty.

  • Representative : Deniz Delikoz , Co-Founder
  • Industry :Others
  • Web

Users can leave their personal belongings, pick up their package from and drop courier packages to the lockers, which are located at locations like city centres, venues, organizations, concert halls, beaches etc.. With the smoothly built interface allowing social media and API entegration, brands can easily boost Bagaj promotions for their customers to get the best of both the online and offline marketing.