Gobito Digital Solutions


Gobito Video & Education Technologies was established in 2008, Northwestern of England and in the city of Turkey, Istanbul. At the moment, it’s in service at Sci-Tech Daresbury, in Manchester, UK and at the technopark of Istanbul Yıldız Technical University. We offer a wide range of 'off the shelf'​ and turnkey projects, research & development projects, software solutions for e-learning platforms, e-learning content authoring platforms, video streaming , Interactive Video , Slide Sharing & Powerpoint to HTML5 convertion tools

  • Representative : Alişan Erdemli , CEO
  • Industry :Others
  • Web :www.gobito.com

We love to learn, cooperate and create. We push the boundaries of technology while producing interactive video, presentation, and educational technologies, and prioritize the human factor. That's why we always offer more user-friendly, customizable and adaptable digital solutions.