Smart Mimic


Here is your chance to get a better grasp of the new portable, multi-purpose, and smart tech product that everyone is talking about. Smart Mimic, founded in 2017 by Noyan Berker and Serdar Serttop, has gained 110K of investment, 14K active users, sold 100K units, sustained a position in the 3SLP Startupbootcamp SF scaling program and won the first place in PitchForce September 2018 in just the past year. Mimic is making life easier for Unico Insurance’s clients by offering a protective alarm feature for possible travel scenarios such as baggage theft, baggage loss or parents losing sight of their children. Unico offers a new vision to insurance similar to retailing, through sending an additional and specially designed package with their policies and the Mimic product for those clients who purchase their Smart Travel Insurance. “That was hands down the best presentation I’ve seen; if you’re trying to market a product, you can learn from Smart Mimic”… Those were the words from Pitch Force Panelist Katherine Glassey during the debriefing session following Smart Mimic’s presentation.

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