Bio Tech

GEEN Biotechnology is a Turkish biotech start-up founded in 2015 with the support of Turkish Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry. Our team is focused on introducing modern biotech solutions to everyday life by developing more applicable genetic engineering designs. Our vision is to be a main cell bank for industrial/agricultural/research-use/household GMO's. GEEN Biotech discovers new methods and develops, designs, stores, supplies, produces various types of genetically engineered organisms. We put a lot of effort into developing safe and sustainable solutions for commercializing biotech-based systems. Our products are basically GMO's, GMO-derived products and genetic engineering solutions. Every single cell strain is tailor-made and handled as a project. For every project we assign a professional working team and a scientific advisory board. We offer a wide range of R&D services, products, partnerships in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering. These include cell . Besides we offer services such as order-based recombinant protein production, non-GMO industrial cell strain development, GEEN Biotech develops genetic designs for sustainability, safety, efficiency and biospecifity. Currently, we carry out projects in 4 main fields. These are pharma, biospecifity agents(biosensor components/antibody fragments), plant biotechnology and high-performance biomaterials. However projects in new fields varying between dynamic crack-remediation to functional food ingredients are in the pipeline.

  • Representative : Arda Deniz Dokuzo─člu , Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
  • Industry :Bio Tech
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