The Alchemist Accelerator is an accelerator exclusively for startups whose revenue comes from enterprises, not consumers. We are passionate about the needs of enterprise seed ventures, and believe they are different enough to warrant a program specifically for them. The accelerator focuses on enterprise customer development, sales (direct and online), market validation, and a structured path to fundraising. We have the most sought after advisor faculty, guest lecturers, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 customers primed to be resources for you. And we are very excited about building a fellowship of founders building change the world companies that sell to the enterprise.

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The definition of an "enterprise startup" is based on where the revenue comes from. It's not based on the offering. "B2B" (e.g. Salesforce) and "B2B2C" (e.g. Square) both qualify. All business models (license, SaaS, Freemium) are welcome. If the major revenue source for the business is from enterprises or organizations -- be them large or SMBs -- you qualify. You can sell direct or online (or a combination).